Your roof’s condition is the main issue. It drastically decreases the longevity of your roof. Since moss absorbs moisture this keeps your roof’s shingles wet. Sheeting underneath may become rotted as a consequence. The roof’s cleaning services are advised if the roof is covered with an accumulation of moss. This video will help you understand how you can remove the moss from the roof.

Before the cleaning process begins The harness must be used and tied to a Rafter. This will prevent you from hitting the roof, or breaking your back by wearing a harness. The next step is to grab a broom and remove the roof and eliminate as much moss from the roof as you are able to. You’re fine if you cannot remove it all.

It is also recommended to install a zinc strip at the top of the ridge on the roof. If rainwater hits the strip, the zinc particulates are carried along the roof. This will eliminate the moss or mold that could be developing on the roof. In order to remove any remaining moss, you could spray the rest of the roof with a mixture of bleach and water.


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