Details on how Ubiquitous Energy intends to overcome the issues that arise from solar panel development with the creation the solar glass window.

Although Ubiquitous Energy isn’t the first firm to create solar glass, they’ve adopted new methods that involve the creation of solar glass using organic light-absorbing dyes. Solar glasses developed with this approach are the sole type that absorbs invisible light.

Ubiquitous Energy’s solar glasses do not have similar issues to traditional solar panels as well as solar glasses produced by other firms that use energy-producing cells. They provide excellent transparency and energy efficiency.

Even though the energy efficiency of solar glass isn’t quite as good as that of traditional solar panels but its potential for greater use could more than all the difference. Skyscrapers with a large amount of vertical space could produce 20 times more energy than traditional solar panels.

The possibilities of solar glasses which are being used in a wide range of ways is immense. They can be a great alternative to solar panels that are conventional.


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