Are you thinking of becoming a bail bondsman in Rochester? Local bail bondsmen support our community by helping people stay out of jail and in their jobs. They provide an essential service for anyone who gets arrested and doesn’t have enough money on hand to pay the full amount of their bail.

Becoming a bail bondsman isn’t entirely easy, but there is a lot of support out there.

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Prelicensing and certification courses help new bail bonds agents learn how they can best support their clients and grow their businesses.

The video posted here shows some examples of what you can learn in one of these courses. Course participants work together to practice interacting with court officials and clients alike. They also learn how to make the most of their unique career choice. Perhaps most importantly, they learn how to keep their business legal so they can truly support their clients through some of the hardest times in their lives.

If you’re ready to start your business as a local bail bondsman, find a certification course here in Rochester. With a little training and a lot of support, you can begin to help the community and earn a living.


When you’re at a parent-teacher conference for your child in a private kindergarten, it’s normal to feel a little bit nervous about it. This is especially true if this is your first child at the beginning of their education. If you’re feeling nervous and unsure about your first parent-teacher conference, here are a few things you should ask your child’s teacher.

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One of the first things you should do before you attend your conference is write your questions down. Writing your questions down will save you from floundering during the conference itself. You’ll look and likely feel more composed, as well.

As for the questions themselves, it’s important to keep them centered on your child. They’re the reason you’re there, after all! Some good questions to ask might include queries about whether or not your child gets along with others in the class and how they’re faring at making friends. It’s also important to ask where your child is succeeding and where they’re struggling academically. The answer to this question can give you some great insight into how to help your child learn at home.


Watch Home Improvement Expert Jim Dutton and Professional Garage Concepts Technician Shaun White answer your questions about residential garage door repairs. The video demonstrates the importance of teaming up with a professional for repair and maintenance, particularly when a heavy overhead door begins to “creak like you’re in a haunted mansion,” Dutton says. Professionals can help you efficiently lubricate garage door springs and hinges, adjust garage door springs, and diagnose problems throwing your overhead garage door off track.

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For example, a technician may need to manually readjust the settings on your garage door opener to get it to run smoothly, a process White likens to jogging the door’s memory.

Homeowners can perform basic maintenance on their own, like cleaning their garage doors and inspecting doors for safety issues and potential problems. Keep an eye out for garage doors that are louder than usual, doors that get stuck, or doors that shake and rattle on their way down. To assess the safety of your door, disconnect it and attempt to open it manually. If the garage door does not stay in place when you lift it up, it is off balance.

Should you notice a problem, Dutton emphasizes the importance of working with a professional. Several tasks, like tightening or loosening garage door springs, are dangerous and unnecessarily time-consuming if you do not know what you are doing.



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