Best suggestions to make that day. For anything from a fresh take on the traditional cinnamon roll to tasty hashbrowns, these recipes will be a hit with all your guests, and you will surely want to try the same dishes again. We’ll tell you more.
Cinnamon Roll Twist

Two tubes of the cinnamon roll dough is required. Grab each one. Place it on the counter such that it appears as the shape of a flatbread. After that, you could make a mix of chocolate, cream cheese vanilla extract, cinnamon and one glass of milk. It should cool up to two hours.

After mixing all the ingredients together, scoop them out and place on top of your cinnamon-scented flatbread. It is then wrapped around the edges. You can then place another slice of dough on top to cover it completely. Bake for 20 mins at a high heat, and you’ll have the best cinnamon “roll” However, instead of being covered with the cream cheese mixture it will become filled.

For even more incredible dishes, watch the remainder of the video. Be sure to tell us how wonderful your bottomless brunch was.


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