ngerous hobby. Many people put their lives and vehicles at risk to learn more about tornadoes and the storms which produce them. Fortunately, many of them are experienced professionals who know what to do to ensure their safety. That’s not to say that the unspeakable happens from time to time. Yet, storm chasers utilize radar and their knowledge to keep just one step ahead when it comes to tornadoes whenever they are possible. This video will show you how a storm chaser spotted one of the storms by taking it by surprise.

Recently, a severe tornado hit the town of a few hundred people in Texas. Hank Schyma was a veteran storm chaser. A massive tornado was picking the dust of an empty field. This is an excellent first step because tornadoes have the potential to tear roofs apart and destroy entire building. This storm did not need an emergency call to the roofing firm. But, it could have costs Hank a lot more. The twister as it was making abrupt U-turn. Hank knew he needed to get moving quickly. He found a way to escape and slammed the accelerator. After a few minutes of relentless driving Frank was safe on the other side from the storm.


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