mes. This only makes sense when price of electricity increases and solar costs drop. Even tax credits are available through the federal government for solar panel installation. When you think about solar it is likely that you are thinking of solar panels that are installed on the roof or on poles made of metal. There are many more possibilities than solar panels. Consider buying a solar window. Much like solar panels they perform the same. They can also double as windows. This is truly amazing. This video will explain the positives and negatives of solar energy.

One of the major benefits of solar is that it is environmentally eco-friendly. It’s a sustainable source of energy, this is why solar energy is beneficial. Solar panels are able to convert sunlight energy into energy usable in the form of electricity. The solar energy source is increasingly essential to fight the effects of climate change. The reason is that it does not rely on burning fossil fuels to generate energy. The burning of fossil fuels is among the main contributors to the warming of the planet. It could be the most important reason why some people are switching to solar power.


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