The article in eo “Why I Buy Second Hand in Clothing” explores why second hand clothes is a wise choice. They are usually less expensive as well as greener. It also states how it can add flair to the style of your clothing.

According to the video “You give new life and the clothes you’ve thrown away.” Another item won’t end up in the garbage when you buy it at a thrift shop.

Save money
Fashion trends of the past and present can be purchased at a fraction the price. The video talks about buying 100 dresses for only one dollar.

The Variety
“Choose garments that were popular in the 70s and 1980s when you wish” as per the clip. There is a way to go back to timeor choose to enjoy other fashions like hip-hop or trendy.

Personal Style
Second-hand clothing lets you become as unique and imaginative with your clothes and jewelry as you create your own fashion.

International Clothes
When you are in the U.S it is possible to find clothes from all over the world through second-hand shopping. You can find a stunning pair of earrings in India or a dress from Japan.

In conclusion, there are many advantages to purchasing second hand clothing. You are eco-friendly, are able to save money, catch fashion trends, and express your personal style. qor1unjqy8.

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