e until it is even and smooth with other elements of the panel until it is smooth and even with the rest of the. We will be covering the fundamentals of body repairs.
Evaluate the vehicle
In order to repair the car’s damaged component, first determine the severity of the damage. This will give you some idea of what’s necessary to repair the car and bring it back to the best shape.
The best way to do it is rough with
Restoring a panel to its initial shape may require drilling holes for slides, hammer work and locating clamp points for making pulls.
Tuning up the work of metal
To bring down the lows, as well as increase the heights of the high points, you should tune your hammer and dolly. This procedure requires proper use of the hammer in order to not distort the steel. To get the most effective results it is essential to hit the metal with a light touch.
It typically involves cleaning the car to fill and featherage.
An accurate auto bodywork procedure is necessary in order to keep your car on the right track. The basics of bodywork work that you can do for your car should make the process easier.

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