Even though it can seem like the last thing you think of to save money, there are many ways to save money. Knowing how to keep your plumbing equipment and fixtures in good condition can save you much more than hiring a plumber. Routine maintenance can also help keep your fixtures in great shape, which will lower repair costs. This isn’t always easy. Excited new plumbers can fall into numerous dangers. In this short video you’ll learn to avoid the pitfalls.

Most mistakes involve not knowing what type of copper pipe is best. There are four main kinds of copper pipes. There are four major forms of copper piping including M, L and K. There is a lot of M piping inside your home. It’s the thinnest and most cost-effective pipes. It’s often identified by letters in red on the side. If you’re looking to replace your plumbing system in your establishment think about using L pipe. Though it’s more expensive but it is more durable and is able to do the job. K pipes are suitable for HVAC as well as underground requirements. In the end, DWN piping is used to collect waste, drains and vents.


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