Learn how to stand up paddleboard.

The Board is to be handled with care. To protect your back This is important. In order to move the paddleboard grab the handle and grasp the board. After that, bend your knees onto the board in order to place your body weight. To go farther it is possible to stroke the board a couple of times. Place the paddle onto the board, and then slowly raise your feet until your knees align with the deck. Keep paddling by looking forward, not down.

Paddle handling: Holding your paddle in one direction can only draw water towards the board. One way of holding it is to keep the blade pointed forward and away from you. Paddling forward to the right angle, the blade’s angle will lift you up and take you forward when completely submerged. If you paddle too close to the rail, or in a diagonal manner will cause the board’s side to spin. By holding the paddle straight, and moving it straight back close to your board, will propel you straight ahead. The balance of your body will remain by keeping your paddle immersed in water.


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