The other possible source of contamination, such like an evaporator coil should be avoided.

Check for a dirty evaporator coil and/or condenser coil by using an air compressor with an attachment for vacuuming to clean the dust out of each unit. This should help you identify whether there’s a blockage in one unit, which may prevent it from working properly or if it needs cleaning to the core before servicing can be completed for both units simultaneously.

An HVAC expert or someone who has experience with the cooling and heating systems could be asked to test your airflow , and then make any repairs in the event of need.

Clean Your Windows

As you clean your windows, make sure to clean them using warm water as well as soap. For removing any extra water, use a squeegee and then take the window off with the help of a soft cloth.

Newspaper is a great way to take away streaks and smudges off your windows. Just fold the newspaper pieces into a small size that fits under each corner. When you’re done take another newspaper, and clean up any leftover debris prior to moving on with the next section.

If nothing else works to take off the stain or if someone is willing to help or help, you can contact them for help. Also, you can hire a window treatment service to get rid of the tough stains on your window.

Take a look at your roof

The first step is check the roof. It may seem a bit of an odd place to start, but it’s important to take time out during your working day to examine for any damage.

Use a pressure gauge and check for leaks on the edges of the shingles and flashing, or even in between the two. If you find any problems concerning your roofing materials consult an expert that has an roofing service and


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