Clean walkways and clean exteriors. Which power washers are best? Here’s a breakdown of the best commercial-grade power washers consumers are required to know about.

Sunjoe SPX9006 Pro is the initial version. This model is equipped with tough features, a strong stream and cuts through dirt and grease with ease. It is constructed of a steel structure, a 25-foot steel high-pressure hose, and a 35-foot power cord. It’s easy to plug in and use for any business.

On our next list of powerful washers are the Briggs and Stratton Power washer. This model has the nozzle which is zero-degree and removes difficult to reach areas and thick, hard-to-clean substances like paint or grease. The trigger lock protects children from accidental injuries through the locking of the power washer.

Yard Force YF3100ESR is the third power washer with a feature. This is a high-pressure gas washer with a capacity of up to 3000 PSI. The unit also comes with an electric start remote. The 20V rechargeable lithium ion batter will power you through an entire day of work. The washer can hold a gallon of soap and can be fitted with additional storage within the frame.

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