The process can be complicated. A lot of things could be wrong. Additionally, there are numerous regulations which must be followed. They also alter periodically. There are times when it is difficult to pass an inspection for plumbing. This video will explain the main reasons why it is possible to fail an inspection. The best thing that you can do is hire an expert plumber for a check to ensure everything is in compliance and functioning properly.

The initial issue is that the p-traps and pipes you use must not be less than 2 inches. Because this is the older norm, the majority of p-traps as well as pipes are 1 1/2 in. This will not pass examination. The standpipe should be between 18 and 30 inches long.

A third reason that you might fail your plumbing inspection is a lack of drill plates. The plates are placed on pipes to prevent them from drilling into them when working on other projects for the home. They could become punctured that could result in costly repairs and water damage. The damage from water can escalate when mold begins to develop on decaying wood. Then, whole sections of the wall may need to be removed.


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