may be considered a barren desert to people, but it is a stunning attraction to other. The name was coined due to its extreme weather and rough, barren land. In this short video, you can learn much more details regarding Death Valley.

Thankfully, an air conditioning firm can set up AC’s virtually all over the country. The smallest AC isn’t enough to withstand Death Valley’s heat. Extreme temperatures. Death Valley holds the record as being the hottest spot on Earth. The record was established in 1913. It exceeded 134°F. This kind of heat could create a variety of problems. It is known to melt rubber off of the heels of shoes. You can also cause problems with your car. It’s common for vehicles to fail due to high temperatures.

Badwater Basin is the most extremity-strength area in Death Valley. Badwater Basin is about 200 square miles of flat, broken land. It’s as if you’re living on another planet. You can’t see any evidence of life, or plants. Badwater Basin, however, is breathtaking by itself.


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