Car maintenance tips you must remember include The first thing to remember is that when turning on your car, make sure nothing blocks the way to the car key.

Moreover, you should always take a trip up and down the slope straight and not in an angle. It will lower the risk that your golf cart will fall or tipping. It is recommended to limit the amount of sharp turns or sudden stoppages. These can cause injury to the golf cart and even injury to others.

If your golf cart is battery-powered make sure to charge the batteries fully before use. When working with lead-acid batteries, put on rubber gloves with protection. When the battery’s level of water is beginning to drop, fill it with the distilled water. Utilize a 1:4 solution of water and baking soda solution to cleanse your battery’s terminals.

If you have a gas-powered golf cart Switch off the engine and let it cool before filling up the tank with fuel. Be sure to wipe all spills in the vicinity of the tank do not handle the lead-acid battery or the fuel. The maintenance of your golf cart includes keeping the tires inflated at the right amounts. z54ydub889.

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