There is a chance that you have heard of O rings made from PTFE. Though they’re one product the names can be quite different depending on the subject. This video will describe what an PTFE O Ring is , and the way they’re created.

If you don’t know what the PTFE O rings are, it’s possible that you don’t know what PTFE actually is. A synthetic polymer, it is sometimes referred to as an emulsifier. It’s a synthetic plastic that is composed of the chemical bonds of fluoride and carbon. The term PTFE is more commonly used to refer to Teflon, which is the primary substance that offers nonstick surfaces. Teflon is not the only name for PTFE. There is also, Daikin Polyflon, Fluon, and Dyneon, so they are identical substances, but with distinct names based on the person who’s speaking. The temperature range for PTFE should not be below the range of -1,000F to 4,000F to make it nonreactive or waterproof. It also has low friction.

The video in this video will go over everything you need to learn concerning PTFE O Rings and demonstrate how they’re created.


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