This is the procedure that records and sends charges for services provided by physicians or health care providers to insurance companies and third-party payers. These are some facts that you might not be aware of about medical billing.

* Most people don’t realize that there are two types of medical billing – the “paper bill” and”electronic bill. “electronic bill.”
Directly mailed paper invoices are sent from the office of your doctor to your insurer. The doctor is able to transmit electronic invoices through email or by the fax.

The ability to send electronic and bill of lading in various formats. Some physicians use a common layout where each line is assigned a code. Others have their own proprietary coding system.

It is common to find the information needed to file the claim online, if you receive a bill in paper. If you receive an electronic bill, save the document before opening it, as the information printed on the back of your bill will tell you how to file the claim online.

Some insurance providers now require you to complete an authorization form before receiving any bill. The authorization form is typically sent by mail and needs to be signed.

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