Independent living for seniors

Did you know that common arthritic conditions can make everyday activities, such as typing, playing the piano, knitting, playing cards, and opening packages next to impossible? Growing old can come with a considerable amount of stress and inconvenience. The right living accommodations and senior adapted furniture and fixtures can make life simple again. What amenities should look for in independent senior living homes?

What is Independent Senior Living?

Independent senior living typically entails a community of apartments or housing that encourage residents to live as independently as possible. Bedrooms and units are, for the most part, private. Some may have common areas for socialization. Most independent living homes offer laundry and housekeeping services, transportation services, groundskeeping, snow removal, and communal activities. Some senior homes may also serve prepared meals for an additional fee, with the option for residents to eat in a shared dining room. What are some of the best tips for finding a local independent senior living home?

  • Rank the importance of different amenities. People have different preferences. Choosing the best senior living home starts with drafting a realistic list of what amenities you cannot live without. For example, in a Senior Living News and Trends study, the majority of seniors (39.79%) ranked pet friendly policies as their top concern. On-site medical staff or assisted living furniture and fixtures can also be important. Walk-in bathtubs, or weighted mixing bowls and utensils, for example, can afford seniors an incredible amount of self-sufficiency and independence.
  • An active social community. Independent living for seniors, while mostly beneficial, does raise certain concerns. Make certain that ample opportunities for socialization and recreational activities. Independent living centers often host a variety of activities, such as card games, gardening activities, volunteering, exercise classes, and much more.

Living in an independent home surrounded by a strong, tight-knit community can drastically benefit seniors’ well-being and health. Choose the right independent living accommodations by ranking priorities and making certain that socialization is encouraged and readily available. Read more about this topic at this link:

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